Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe ADW Sp. z o.o.

43-175 Wyry,

ul. Zbożowa 2 

Tel.: 32 218 71 85

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Proposal for cooperation


We are looking for trade and business partners in Poland and EU countries.

We invite you to cooperate with our company. We are looking for solid and reliable business partners - wholesalers and specialized fire protection stores - as well as ambassadors, business partners, specialists in their field - architects, fire protection inspectors and experts - with whom we can mutually develop.We want our partners to develop as dynamically as we do, therefore we offer our full support and assistance.


Who we are?


We are a manufacturer of construction chemicals and fire protection products for wood and wood-based materials - UNIEPAL-DREW brand.


The Company's production potential consists of laboratories, production and storage halls, but first and foremost it is the people: the highly qualified staff of the research and development and quality control departments.


The company's success has been achieved, among other things, through the continuous training of management and staff and by employing highly qualified specialists, both in the technical and economic division and in the commercial division.


High product quality, on-time delivery, no complaints and, above all, customer satisfaction are the credo of our company.


Why cooperate with us?


  • full substantive and technical supporto
    • technical and product training
    • osubstantive support to ongoing investment projects
    • omarketing support
  • complete technical product documentation(European Technical Assessment for UNIEPAL-DREW products)
  • a modern, well-stocked and organised warehouse
  • fast shipping from warehouse
  • attractive prices (wholesale discount) for our products


Any questions or contact for cooperation:


Dominik Suligowski

Business Development Director

Tel. 660 472 343